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MIC video: New Year Special: AT THE HOLLOW at HELLDONE 2015

Interview with Kalle Koo, Risto Järvelin and Juho Martikainen of AT THE HOLLOW

Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki
30th of December 2015
Language: English



The interview was recorded at December 30th 2015, at "Tavastia Klubi" in Helsinki, Finland before the band's 2nd gig at the legendary HELLDONE Festival. Frontman Kalle Koo, percussionist Risto Järvelin and contrabass player Juho Martikainen of AT THE HOLLOW are telling us how they experience the HELLDONE Festival and the work with HIM and how they ended up playing there. Additionally they are revealing the back story behind their music videos to the songs "Was it Whorth it" and "Numbed", why Juho's dog is called Nöppö and why Kalle has the most tattoos in the band.

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