MIC video: ELECTRIC BEAT ORGY in Helsinki

Interview with Pekka Louhimo and Ilkka Kainulainen of ELECTRIC BEAT ORGY

14th of December 2015
Language: English



Interview with the acoustic-guitar-beatbox-formation ELECTRIC BEAT ORGY. We met vocalist Pekka Louhimo and slam-guitarist Ilkka Kainulainen at "Steam Coffee" in Helsinki-Kamppi on December 14th 2015. In this interview they are telling us about the band's brand new single "Heartwaker", the idea behind the music video, the origin of their unique music style and their crazy band name. Additionally they reveal, how Ilkka became a slam guitarist and what their best Christmas present ever were. Check out the brand new Heartwaker video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H7jJTChiD4

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