18.02.2018video HALOO HELSINKI! at Emma Gaala 2018

Elli, Jere, Leo and Jukka tell which of their four awards makes them them most proud, how it was to perform with JVG at Emma Gaala, and why they will be eternally grateful to their fans...

01.03.2015video HALOO HELSINKI! & KASMIR at Emma Gaala 2015

HALOO HELSINKI! are telling us why the Emma Awards for the "album of the year" touches them most, how they got the idea for "Beibi" and "Kiitos ei ole kirosana" and how long they are friends with KASMIR.

19.03.2014video HALOO HELSINKI at Emma Gaala 2014

Elli Haloo, Leo Hakanen, Jere Marttila and Jukka Soldan telling us how grateful they are for wining three Emma awards, and what the inspiration for their "Huuda" music video was. Elli reveals why she wants to get married to Jared Leto.