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MIC video: HELLOWEEN at Karju Rock 2014 - Part 1

Interview with Markus and Weiki of HELLOWEEN - Part 1

"Karju Rock" 2014, Lokalahti/ Uusikaupunki, Finland
19th of July 2014
Language: German (with English subs)



Interview with Markus Grosskopf and Micheal "Weiki" Weikath at the "Karju Rock" festival in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Interview was recorded before HELLOWEEN's gig in the backstage area of the festival in Uusikaupunki/Lokalahti. Markus and Weiki are telling us, why the like Finland, how it is to make music together for 30 years how is was to make the album "Metal Jukebox", why it is important never to give up, and why Weiki is a failed stockings photographer.

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