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17.02.2018video JVG at Emma Gaala 2018

VilleGalle and Jare Brandt, who won the award for best hiphop album of the year, tell us about their award, their gig with HALOO HELSINKI! at Emma Gaala, and the music video for "Älä jätä roikku" (Don't leave me hanging)...

15.02.2017video JVG at Emma Gaala 2017

VilleGalle and Jare are telling us, why the Award as "Hip Hop Act of the Year" means so much to them, what they like most about each other and what their future plans are.

23.03.2016video JVG at Emma Gaala 2016

VilleGalle tells us, why he loves to collaborate with other musicians, who he experienced the shooting for "Huominen on huomenna" with ANNA ABREU and how feels about the nominations.