MIC article: LORD KOSSITY at "Summerjam" 2012


Interview with LORD KOSSITY at „Summerjam“ 2012
in Cologne, Germany

A celebrated star of the reggae and hip-hop scene in France, LORD KOSSITY is now capturing Germany. In September he will already be release his 16th album "Fully Loaded 2". And at 6th of July 2012 the visitors had the "Summerjam" in Cologne the pleasure of experiencing the Lord live. In the afternoon before his big gig I met him under a tree on the shore of Lake "Fühlinger See" for an interview.

You were born in Paris and at the age of 11 you moved to Martinique with you family. Which influence did this have on you as musician?

I was born in Paris. I grew up in "Banlieu", in the suburbs. In Martinique I discovered the culture of the country of my origin. I started to listen to Reggae and Caribbean rhythms. There I heard a lot of Kompa and Zouk from Haiti, Reggae from Jamaica and Salsa from Cuba. I also heard a lot of music from the Untied States, like funk and soul. There I´ve heard all the music. Also music with German roots. That was it like to live there.

How did you develop the idea to mix French and English in your lyrics?

Since I started listening to a lot of Reggae and Dancehall of the first artists of Dancehall, like CHAPERON, SUPERQUATRE and DRAGON. I found it difficult in French, particularly regarding to the different rhythms of people and in English it was a little bit easier. I started to make songs completely in English. Voilà, I sing in French for the people, who speak French or who love French. But I decided to sing in English to reach the audience in all countries. I sing in English and French, because I love the languages, I love to communicate with the people. I´ve taken the languages of the countries, that allow me to communicate with all countries.

I´ve read, that you hallmark is "Hip-Hop-Reggae". Can you explain, what "Hip-Hop-Reggae" is exactly?

It is because I always oscillate between Hip-Hop, Reggae and Dancehall. I made a Rap album too, because nowadays the Rap has a little influence from the Reggae and the other way around. There is a hodgepodge of Hip-Hop and Reggae. I know French rappers, who dominate the Reggae very well. Reggae is the crown of music. I was also on tour in the United States with SNOOP DOGG and ICE CUBE and I made a CD, which still includes the ambitious Hip-Hop. That´s because I grew up in the suburbs, I grew up in a big city. And I always loved the Reggae from the Caribbean.

Where does the name "Lord Kossity" come from?

"Lord Kossity" comes from a movie. I liked that movie and that´s why I call myself Kossity.
I started singing, when I was 18. And I needed a cool name for it. I used to call myself "Lord Kossity", because I wanted an impressive name. I wanted to make a good career, best in Hip-Hop as a good artist in this field. It was for me like a kind of escape from the misery in which I grew up, a way to become someone else. and to convey a message, a message of despair, of personal development, of personal achievement, personal serenity. Voilà: That´s "Lord Kossity".

You have a new album: "Fully Loaded 2". Can you tell us about it?

It´s the continuation of the first album "Fully Loaded", which I published in 2010. I recorded "Fully Loaded" in Jamaica and in Paris. I invited other artists to the album:
VYBZ KARTEL, BUSY SIGNAL, CHICO, CE´CILE. The new album is the sequel, it is called "Fully Loaded 2" and it will be released in september 2012. Again I invited artists to the album: 
VYBZ KARTEL, BUSY SIGNAL, WAYNE MARSHALL, COMPTON MENACE, NEW JERSEY DEVIL, GLACIS MALONE. It´s really a good album, I´m very satisfied. It is my 16th album.

Photo: Kati Rausch
Article: Kati Rausch