MIC video: LUST FOR LILY in Helsinki, Finland

Interview with Aku Olli and Oskari Hyökyvaara of LUST FOR LILY

Helsinki, Finland
April 16, 2024
Language: English (and a bit Finnish)



Music Interview Corner presents the first ever video interview with LUST FOR LILY! Aku Olli and Oskari Hyökyvaara told us about their debut EP "Relinquish", that was released on March 29, 2024! We also discussed the success of their single "Pale Fondness" and their upcoming concerts in Tampere (May 25, 2024) and Turku (June 15, 2024). Aku and Oskari also told us what it feels like to get noticed in the music business so quickly and why the origin of their band name LUST FOR LILY will remain a mystery for now. The interview was recorded at a press day on April 16, 2024, at Musiikkitalo in Helsinki, Finland.

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