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06.09.2014video MANZANA on board the M/S Viking XPRS - Part 1

Lead singer Piritta Lumous and base player Johannes Tolonen are telling us about "MeriRock", the origin of their band name, the story behind the song "Panda Girl" and where in Tampere you have to go, when you want to start your own band.

06.09.2014video MANZANA M/S Viking XPRS06-09-14Part 2

Piritta Lumous and Johannes Tolonen are telling us about the shooting of the music video for "Zombie Girl", the best jokes about base player, lead singer and drummer, about Piritta's book "Road Kill" and why Putin should watch "The Ren & Stimpy Show"

06.09.2014concert pics MANZANA at Meri Rock Vol.3 at Viking XPRS

MANZANA live on stage at "Meri Rock Vol.3" at the Viking XPRS from Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn, Estonia.