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MIC video: PARIS KILLS on board the M/S Viking Grace - Part 1

Interview with Rysiu of PARIS KILLS - Part 1 (including the "Ville Valo Experiment")

M/S Viking Grace
30th of August 2014
Language: German & English (English subs)



Interview with the German band PARIS KILLS, recorded at the 30th of August 2014, on board of the M/S Viking Grace on the journey from Turku, Finland, to Stockholm, Sweden. Lead singer Rysiu tells us how the band was founded, the special music style of PARIS KILLS, how he got his first guitar, who his musical idols are and what he thinks about his similarity to Ville Valo. Additionally Kati and Rysiu are doing the "Ville Valo Experiment". This is Part 1.

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