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Interview with PISSED JEANS in Helsinki, Finland

Why does a band call itself PISSED JEANS? I didnīt knew, so I met these four guys from Pennsylvania, USA, for an interview.
PISSED JEANS are Matt Kosloff, Sean McGuinness, Randy Huth and Brad Frey and PISSED JEANS are right now on an international tour, which leads them also in the legendary "Kuudes Linja"-Club in Helsinki, Finland.
After an amazing, surprising and sometimes shocking show, which really got the audience thrilled, PISSED JEANS told me not only the secret about their bandname, but also fed me a lot of potato chips:

How does it feel for you to play here in Helsinki tonight?

SEAN: It felt great. It was a lot of fun.
BRAD: It felt really good. Wow.
MATT: We had a wonderful time.
RANDY: We had a very long day. It was miserable, but the show was awesome. So it ended up being good.

You are called PISSED JEANS. Is there a backstory behind your band name?

MATT: Yes, actually. I show you. (Matt pretends (?) to piss in his jeans)

Is this your ritual to prepare for the gigs?

SEAN: Everytime.

I have heard something really cool about you, but I donīt know, if itīs true: Is it correct, that you released your last three albums as LPs?

MATT: Itīs true.
SEAN: Yes, itīs true.
BRAD: Yes.

But you know, that we have CDs and DVDs now? You decided to do it on LP. Why?

MATT: We didnīt know, that you can release a DVD until right now.

Then itīs good, that we talk about it now. Itīs these little silver things...

SEAN: A record? Do you have a record player?
BRAD: Compact discs? We released it on compact disc.
MATT: Right, we did compact discs, too. We try to take care of all of our fans.

Since 2007 you are signed at the label "Sub Pop", which signed NIRVANA once. How is it for you to work with Bruce Pavitt?

MATT: We never worked with him.
SEAN: He doesnīt work at the label anymore. I think, he went crazy.
MATT: He said: "When you guys sign PISSED JEANS, Iīll quit".
SEAN: Yeah, we made him crazy.
MATT: "I will never listen to music again", were final words, before he jumped off.
SEAN: Jonathan Poneman was the other guy, who founded the label. He still works there.
MATT: I believe, his name is Jonathan Poo(n)man.

Oh, so Mister Pooman signed PISSED JEANS. That fitīs somehow...

MATT: Yeah, we are the "Jonathan Poo(n)man Group".

Your first album "Shallow" contains a song, which is called "Ashamed Of My Cum"? What is the story behind this song?

MATT: Well, Brian was found crying in the closet one day... After we fed him too many chips... and were were listening to the "Jonathan Poo(n)man Group". And that was the song. Isnīt that right?
BRAD: Yes.

And are you still feeling ashamed, Brad?

BRAD: Most days, I think.

I could just see, that you like to get undressed on stage. Why?

SEAN: Itīs very liberating.
MATT: Itīs better, than when we would get dressed on stage.
SEAN: Sure.
RANDY: I actually, get more dressed on stage.

Of all the songs, you ever did, which one is your favourite and why? Brian?

BRAD: I need, to think about it a bit.

Okay, Matt your favourite song?

BRAD: I am ready... "Boring Girl".

And what inspired you for this song?

SEAN: Brian was found crying in the closet.

Does this happen often to you, Brian?

SEAN: Just twice.

And what is your favourit song, Sean?

SEAN: Probably all of them. I like them all, I donīt hate any of them.
MATT: My favourite song is probably "Hey soul sister", which we didnīt play tonight, because this band called TRAIN covers it and they just do it better than us. It feels good to hear it.
RANDY: I want to answer it seriously, when I can... I think "Science Fiction" is my favourite song to play and to hear. I like, how the song came together, when we recorded it. And itīs a good song. Or "The Jogger".

Photo: Kati Rausch
Article: Kati Rausch


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