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05.10.2019video SANTA CRUZ in Los Angeles

We learn how Archie and guitar player Joe met at the Rainbow Bar on Sunset Strip, and what to expect from SANTA CRUZ's brand new album "Katharsis"...

19.03.2016video SANTA CRUZ at Emma Gaala 2016 (Ihana!)

At the red carpet of the Finnish Grammys (Emma Gaala) SANTA CRUZ tells us about their nomination in the category "rock album of the year", their ongoing UK tour with RECKLESS LOVE and their experience with anus bleaching.

08.06.2014video SANTA CRUZ at Kivenlahti Rock 2014

Archie, Johnny, Middy and Taz are telling us about their the recordings of their first album "Screaming For Adrenaline", "Aiming high", what happens when SANTA CRUZ goes on a sea cruise and why they would even risk Archie's life of a great show.