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02.07.2022video STAM1NA at Tuska Open Air 2022

Antti tells us about STAM1NA's 10th album "Novus Ordo Mundi" and its connection to our current times. We dicuss the songs "Henkilökohtainen helvetti" (Personal Hell) and "Narsisti" (Narcissist), and Antti reveals what is really depicted on the album cover

07.06.2014video STAM1NA at Kivenlahti Rock 2014

Interview with Antti Hyyrynen and Kai-Pekka (Kaikka) Kangasmäki of STAM1NA. Antti and Kaikka tellung us about their new album SLK, the song "Panzerfaust" and their upcoming Europe tour in autmn 2014.