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MIC article: DENHAM SMITH at "Summerjam"


Interview with DENHAM SMITH at the "Summerjam" 2012
in Cologne, Germany

DENHAM SMITH is in Germany so far known for his beautiful Rīn`B songs. But now the native Jamaican musician is coming up with his first Reggae album "Come Wid It". At the "Summerjam" festival 2012 I had the pleassure to meet Denham for a interview, in which I learned, why music can be "soulfood".

You are making music for 15 years, right?

Yes, weīve been doing music from sunday school, we call it sunday school.
When the parents are going to church, we were going with them and we always had the grown-up areas and the kid area, where we played music. So we were doing that from when we where babies.

And now after this 15 years you release your first Reggae album: COME WID IT, right?

Yes, this is the album and itīs called COME WID IT. Itīs gonna be released at the 27th of this month. And Iīm sure, thereīs gonna be a lot of tracks for you guys on it. Buy it and find out!

And what can the fans expect, when they but this?

Good entertainment, good music. I call it "soul food". It is stuff, when you hear the music, itīll feel like "Yes! Thatīs what Iīve been longing for!" When I listen to good music, I need music thatīs gonna go to the soul. Thatīs why I always make sure, that I give the people
"soul music". And "Come Wid It" is,where you gonna find the "soul music".

You were born in Jamaica. People regard it as the cradle of Reggae. Did this idea in the heads of people influence you in your work as musician? I mean like a prejudice, like "He comes from Jamaica, he has to do Reggae music"?

No, because I started up with doing Rīn`B music. I still do Rīn`B music as a fusion. Music is music. What is good music is good music. Itīs like the sound of a frequency. When it is a negative frequency, itīs gonna damage the ear. A positive frequency will go to the ear, will go to the body with no problem. So music, a positive frequency, a positive music, thatīs what Iīm about. Real "soulfood".

Photo: Kati Rausch
Article: Kati Rausch


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