06.07.2012video JAHCOUSTIX at Summerjam

Jahcoustix about his childhood in Africa, his album "Crossraods", his cooperation with Sebastian Sturm and future plans

06.07.2012article JAHCOUSTIX at "Summerjam" 2012

There´s no doubt, that one of the highlights of the "Summerjam" 2012 in Cologne was the gig of JAHCOUSTIX...

06.07.2012concert pics JAHCOUSTIX Summerjam 2012

JAHCOUSTIX live on stage at "Summerjam" in Cologne, Germany. Photos taken at 6th of July 2012.

03.06.2012video JAHCOUSTIX at Rock am Ring

JAHCOUSTIX about his single "World Citizen", his cooperation with Shaggy and the project "Think Big"

03.06.2012article JAHCOUSTIX at "Rock am Ring" 2012

With hot rhythms he made his fans for a moment forget the weather completely...